Mediterranean Zone

The Mediterranean Sea, a sea of the Atlantic Ocean, lies between the continents of Eurasia and Africa enclosed almost completely by land. It is bounded on the north by Europe, on the south by Africa, and on the east by Asia; and it joins with the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar only eight miles (13 kilometers) wide and 1,050 feet (320 meters) deep.

Best places to live in the Mediterranean


Getting to know the Cyprus zone

Cyprus is the third-largest and third-most populous island in the Mediterranean. It is located north of Egypt, east of Greece, south of Turkey, and west of Lebanon and Syria.

Northern Cyprus is divided into six districts: Lefkoşa, Gazimağ usa, Girne, Güzelyurt, İ skele and Lefke. Lefke District was established by separation from the Güzelyurt District in 2016.[43] In addition, there are further twelve sub-districts divided between the five larger districts and twenty-eight municipalities.

Why living in

north cypurs?

North Cyprus is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean that offers many benefits for those who want to live there. It is a place where you can enjoy a high quality of life at a low cost, experience a diverse and vibrant culture, explore a rich and fascinating history, and meet friendly and hospitable people. If you are interested in living in North Cyprus, consider various apartments, luxury villas and affordable studio apartments on ARCA Group.

Why living in north cypurs?
North Cyprus lies in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is a place of rich history, diverse culture, stunning nature and friendly people. If you are looking for a new destination to live in, here are some of the benefits of living in North Cyprus.

➢ Affordable Cost of Living in North Cyprus
➢ .Mediterranean Climate

➢ Cultural Diversity

➢ Historical Attractions

➢ Friendly People

➢ Very Low Crime Rates

➢ Good education options

Reasons Why You

Should Invest in North Cyprus

Finding a place loaded with investment opportunities is what always investor work for. They keep exploring new regions where they can invest to start earning handsome profit. Every investor would want to invest in a place where there is less competition, a good environment, and many other positive factors for investment. It would be not wrong to consider North Cyprus land as the land of opportunities. From the working environment to safety, everything is attracting all investors and businessmen. Many startups and well-established businesses have started investing in Northern Cyprus. Talking about the real estate in North Cyprus, it is one of the most popular attractions for investors

5 Reasons To Invest In Land of North Cyprus

• Growing Economy
• Easy Relocation
• Safety
• Real Estate Industry
• Tourism Industry

We’ve gone through some of the main reasons why one should invest in the land of North Cyprus. We have discussed some key factors that make this region ideal for all investors and businessmen. We came to know that the relocation process and getting citizenship in the Northern land of Cyprus is not that much hard like in other states. We’ve realized the growing potential of both the tourism and real estate industry of Northern Cyprus. On a short note, we can say that North Cyprus is the land of investment for both local and foreign investors