DEXIS Extraoral Imaging
From our groundbreaking i-CAT™ and ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D™
built on our pioneering Cone Beam and 3D advancements, to our simple & powerful
Panoramic X-ray — our extraoral solutions transform practices and patient smiles with
greater visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

The DEXIS™ OP 3D™ makes choosing your X-ray system
simple. It is a complete X-ray platform that provides easy-to-use
features throughout the entire dental imaging workflow. With its
versatile imaging programs and intuitive user interface, the
DEXIS OP 3D in its different configurations offers imaging
excellence for a variety of users, ranging from general dental
practitioners to orthodontists, and all the way to maxillofacial

Cone Beam 3D Imaging.The i-CAT FLX V-Series offers three
maximum fields of view (FOV): V8, V10, and V17. Within these sizes,
you have the option to scale or collimate the scan height to capture
only the area of interest per the patient’s immediate need. The system
also provides enhanced low-dose imaging options, dedicated
traditional 2D panoramic capabilities, and the feature-rich treatment
planning software

The next generation of DEXIS cone beam technology
Built on OP 3D technology, this multimodality imaging platform expands
your 3D diagnostic capabilities with a wide range of clinical applications
that support your evolving practice and enhance diagnostic confidence.